Measurement Help

Woofingdales Measuring Help


Each Woofingdales product has its own size guide. We do not use generic size charts, so please ensure when measuring your dog, you use the size chart displayed on the product page.

Neck Measurements:

  • Measure around the circumference of the dogs neck, where a collar would naturally lie.  This tends to be nearer the base of the neck.
  • Leave some extra room! No dog is comfortable in a tight collar, so allow space for two fingers to fit underneath your measure tape.

    Chest Measurements:

    • Measure around the circumference of the ribcage/chest area. This is just behind the front legs.
    • Again leave some extra room, two fingers comfortably under your measure tape. 
    • If your dog is very tall, you may want to measure the depth of the chest (chest length).
    • This is the area from the front of the neck down between their front legs ending just behind their front legs (where you would begin the chest measurement) and check with us via our contact us page or Instagram DM to see if the harness is long enough for them if in doubt.  None of our harnesses exceed 24cm in length.

    Back Length Measurements:

    • Measure the dog's back length, from the collar area on their neck, to base of tail.
    • This measurement usually applies to coats and jumpers, but always check the product page!