Pup-kin Spice and All Things Nice

Pup-kin Spice and All Things Nice

As the warmth of the summer sun begins to slip away, the trees grow crisp and begin to turn golden brown, and the nights start to creep in earlier than you care to realise. All these seasonal changes can only mean one thing-Autumn has well and truly arrived. Autumn is all about embracing change and that includes how you take care of your pup. Here at Woofingdales, we have a few tips on what to look out for when enjoying those cold autumnal walkies. 

Keep on top of their flea treatments 

Let’s start with the worst of it! Most dogs like to bring a present or two back from their walks but fleas are the dog’s equivalent of an itchy Christmas jumper. One of the oldest pests in the world will always remain a problem, and this is the time of year when fleas breed the most, which inevitably causes the population to grow. As the mercury dips we feel the need to turn the central heating on, alongside cozying up to our beloved pets and their warm comfy fur.  This unfortunately provides fleas with the perfect environment to start laying eggs everywhere you wouldn’t want them to!

Acorns and Conkers

They say curiosity ‘killed the cat’, but for a dog, hopefully, it won’t cause anything more than a rather upset tummy. However, that doesn’t mean owners shouldn’t be keeping an eye out for a dog who manages to snag one or two of these amongst the golden crunchy fallen leaves. Acorns and conkers contain tannins and acids that can cause dogs to experience stomach issues such as vomiting, and diarrhoea. So although they might look cute and autumnal, get pulling on those leads and avoid them at all costs! Our collection of leads may just be what you need to keep your dog safe and secure.

Keeping a Healthy Weight

It’s a problem we can all face and dogs are no exception. As autumn announces its arrival it can easily become tricky to stay on top of making sure your dog maintains an active and healthy lifestyle. With dog walking weather not being as predictable as summer and the temptations to give your pup a few titbits and table scraps of the same warm comfort foods you enjoy over autumn...It doesn’t take much for some breeds to begin to put on some extra pounds, so it’s maybe worth considering some lower-calorie treats. There are many options available for your dog to buy and even simple vegetables such as raw carrots make sure your dog stays healthy and happy. Also, remember to keep on top of those walks!

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

An all too relatable problem. Allergies! If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from them you’ll know the feeling of how frustrating they can be and your treasured pup is no different. Allergies can increase for your dog in autumn and winter, so it’s worth keeping an eagle eye out to see if your pup is scratching more and not automatically think that they must have fleas. A check-up with a vet is always advised if the problem becomes persistent, but again just like us, a warm bath is sometimes all you need to soothe that infernal itch! Once your pup is done and feeling better we have our range of super soft dry robes to stay nice, warm and cosy. 

Keep Warm

There’s no better feeling than layering up in your favourite coat, scarf and hat combo before heading out your front door during the chillier seasons. As you are doing so make sure to remember that your pup may also need an extra layer, especially if they have a shorter coat. So why not think about treating your pup to an extra layer of warmth to keep them happy and warm during those picturesque autumnal walks? Woofingdales is here on hand for your peace of mind with our collection of dog warmers and hoodies to keep them warm and stylish whatever the element decides to throw at you. 

For all its change autumn is the season for you and your pup to enjoy the cosy conviviality that the colder darker evenings bring, so make sure to give them lots of cuddles and affection. And always remember, autumn is the most aesthetically pleasing season so when you and your pup are out and about soaking in those spectacular autumn hues and crunching over those golden leaves, remember to take lots of pictures! Enjoy! From all of us here at Woofingdales. 


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